Get the most out of your tanning bed!

Changing your lamps is a great start, but there is years of wear on your acrylics that you can't SEE, but UV can't penetrate. The SunMaster Tanning Bed Rebuild Kit contains everything you need to recondition your acrylics and get your tanning bed ready to take advantage of your new Sunmaster Custom lamps.

Our tests prove that using this kit once per year will improve the UV output by 20% to 40%, without changing your lamps. This is simply the most cost effective way to get the most out of your tanning lamps, and make your lamp change really count.

Remember, even if your acrylic LOOKS clean, UV breaks it down and it becomes harder for the UV to penetrate. Striping away a microlayer of your acrylic is fast and easy, and makes your tanning bed much easier to clean for future use.

Instructions are included (It's easy to use) and the kit contains:

1) 16oz. SunMaster acrylic cleaner concentrate (makes many gallons of solution)
2) pair of Sunnies eyewear. (You should replace your goggles every year or two.)
1) 8oz. Novus 1 Polish
1) 8oz. Novus 2 scratch remover
1) 2oz. Novus 3 heavy scratch remover
1) Easy to follow Instruction Guide

There is enough product to recondition your tanning bed 3 or 4 times in this kit, enough to last until your next lamp change. Salon owners can download the Material Safety Data Sheet for the acrylic cleaner if needed.
Click to view video FAQ Tanning Bed Rebuild Kit: Flash Video, 3 min. 20 sec.
Changing lamps in your older tanning bed?  This explains the SunMaster Tanning Bed Rebuild kit, and why you need to use this when changing your lamps, including how it will boost your UV output by 20% to 40%. Will open a new window. Macromedia Flash required, but is installed on most computers already.

Need lamp starters and a rebuild kit? Check out the SUPER rebuild kit below and save money!

Lose your brochure explaining how to use the Rebuild Kit? Download one.

yrebuild-01Retail: $33.99On sale! $28.99

Super Rebuild Kit
Super Rebuild Kit

Retail: $84.99
On Sale! $76.75

SunMaster and the Environment.  Click for more info.
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