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Now you can use F71 100w tanning lamp in many beds designed for either F72 or F73 sized 100w lamps! These simple adapters are quick to install, just insert over the bipins on your lamp. The F72 adapters work ONLY on select tanning beds, and NOT SunTana and Puretan/Tanfit beds that require F72 lamps.

The F72 adapter is the exact same adapter cap used on all regular RDC lamps, although it will create an F72 slightly longer than regular F72 lamps. The F73 adapter adds the necessary length so an F71 will fit in the longer slot required of an F73.

NOTE: Do not use with RUVA lamps on Sun Industries (Suntana, Sundash) or Montego Bay tanning beds. The orientation of the RUVA will be pushing the light away from you instead of toward you.

F72 adapter (pair)
F73 adapter (pair)
How to install the F72 / F73 adapter
F72 adapter (pair)

F73 adapter (pair)

How to install the F72 / F73 adapter

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