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Tanning Lamps Starting At $9.99
We are the largest seller of tanning lamps on the web for a reason: almost 30 years experience and the guaranteed lowest prices. Unlike "web only" dealers, we have tens of thousands of lamps in stock and ready to ship today. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.
red light therapy
Confused about tanning lamps? Compare prices of tanning lamps? Compare prices of tanning lamps? Compare prices of tanning lamps?
Red light therapy is sweeping the nation. Assembled here in America, SunMaster Phototech systems are solid steel and built for decades of heavy use, utilizing the most advanced electronics and our own 633nm lamps that have no ultraviolet.

Beds for $2299+, lamps for $19.99

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Pro Body Tanning Lamps
Tanning Lamps under $10
SunMaster Shadow 32

A solid steel tanning bed designed for discriminating tanners.  It has 32 tanning lamps, plugs into the wall, and comes with a Money Back Guarantee.

Why settle for plastic copy-cats when you can afford American metal - The Original SunMaster.  Read more...

Sunnies Eyewear 99 cents
Tanning Stickers / TattoosAcrylic Cleaners for Tanning Beds
Pure. Raw. Power.

Testing proves that no other regular tanning lamp can beat the Power Bronzer for heat or UVA bronzing. Fits all SunQuest and other tanning beds with at least 24 lamps.  On sale at an incredible price.

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You have a friend in the business.

All tanning lamps are not created equal. Only SunMaster tanning lamps come with a Performance Guarantee that insures that each performs exactly as designed, making them virtually risk free.  Lots of websites sell tanning lamps, but no one stands behind them like TanningBeds4Less.

It's no wonder that SunMaster is America's best selling replacment lamp.  Check out these deals on SunMaster tanning lamps.
Tanning Stickers / TattoosAcrylic Cleaners for Tanning Beds
Virtual Sun Tanning Beds

Tanning beds starting at just $1499oo, with free shipping to most areas. 24 and 32 lamp tanning beds that plug into the wall, with no special wiring or circuits needed.   Made with pride in America.


Did you know that SunMaster is one the best selling tanning lamps in the entire industry?  For starters, SunMaster lamps are innovative, patented and use technology that others only dream of.  Instead of replacing your old Wolff tanning lamps with still old technology, step up to our Pro Series, or better yet, ClearTech technology.  Fits all SunQuest, SunVision, and virtually every tanning bed ever made.  No one sells more lamps and no one can sell them for less.  View all SunMaster tanning lamps...


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Why should you trust TanningBeds4Less with your next tanning bed?

We are the only company with over 98% Customer Satisfaction, as rated by Yahoo.

TanningBeds4Less is the only tanning company to ever win either "Top Service" or "5 of 5 Stars" ranking by Yahoo, and we have done BOTH EVERY year they were available since 2000!  Our customers consistantly rank us higher than any other manufacturer or reseller for both Service and Product Quality. 

We are more than a website: We own the factory and sell direct to you with better prices, support and quality.  When you call, you get more than a salesperson, you speak with people who design, build and know your tanning bed inside and out.  At TanningBeds4Less, we love what we do and it shows!

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